Murder trial
Murder victim's flat door was not secure, jury told

By Rob George Thursday 29 November 2012 Updated: 29/11 13:28

A BADLY fitted lock on murder victim Jackie Harrison’s front door left her property very insecure, a court was told.

Defence barrister Joseph Lewis made the claim while questioning Gary Pinfield, a carpenter with Worcester Community Housing, on day seven of the trial of William Cummins who is accused of murdering Dines Green resident Miss Harrison.

Mr Pinfield agreed the lock had been badly fitted and would not lock properly unless the key was used.

When asked by prosecutor Richard Atkins QC whether a lock similar to the one on Miss Harrison’s front door could be purchased, Mr Pinfield said it could not.

His evidence came on the last day of witnesses to be called by the prosecution before Mr Atkins moved to deal with some of the forensic evidence discovered at the scene.

Forensic investigator Timothy Taylor told the court he had taken swabs and fingerprints from a number of areas around Miss Harrison’s flat in Gresham Road.

Mr Taylor said he took fingerprints from the toilet handle and also discovered a boot print on the lid of the toilet.

His colleague Kirk Hussey said he was instructed to take prints from the washing machine in the flat and seize the contents.

He told the court he found a number of items inside the machine including a duvet cover and sheet with blood on them.

Mr Hussey said it appeared someone had filled the machine, put the washing powder and fabric softener in but not turned it on.

Further fingerprints were also taken from the kitchen in the flat from the kettle, microwave and taps, the court heard.

The afternoon saw fingerprint expert Elizabeth Billbrough take the stand to reveal what the prints taken from the flat suggested.

Mrs Billbrough compiled a colour-coded chart to show whose prints were found on the items in the flat.

Miss Harrison’s were found on a number of items such as a Lenor bottle and the fridge in the kitchen while Cummins’ prints were on the toilet handle, tap, bowl and kettle.

Under cross examination from Richard Benson QC, Mrs Billbrough admitted prints could be there simply from someone living in the flat.

Cummins denies murdering Miss Harrison.

The trial continues.

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