Witness heard 'gurgling' sound from murdered Jackie's flat

By Rob George Monday 26 November 2012 Updated: 27/11 09:06

A WITNESS has repeated his claim that William Cummins strangled Dines Green resident Jackie Harrison in her flat around two weeks before her body was discovered.

Lee Telford told the jury at Worcester Crown Court he heard a ‘gasping or gurgling’ noise coming from Miss Harrison’s flat on Gresham Road in Dines Green at the end of March this year.

Under questioning from prosecuting barrister Richard Atkins QC, Mr Telford told the court he heard a choking noise and Cummins allegedly shout: “You are not opening the f****** door”.

Mr Telford said he had known Miss Harrison for ‘around four or five years’ but told the court he did not see the victim again following the alleged incident.

He backed up evidence from Paula Simmons earlier in the day who told the court Cummins attempted to bite Miss Harrison’s big toe off during an argument.

Miss Harrison then got rid of a glass coffee table from the flat because she feared she would end up going through the table because of Cummins actions, according to Miss Simmons.

But both Miss Simmons and Mr Telford’s evidence was seized on by defence counsel Richard Benson QC in some of the most heated exchanges of the trial so far.

Mr Benson questioned why, after overdosing on painkillers on March 25, Mr Telford chose to leave hospital on two separate occasions before he finally discharged himself a few days later.

Mr Telford said he left to buy some heroin, a statement which was met with derision by Mr Benson.

Branding his claim he heard choking noise coming from Miss Harrison’s flat as ‘nonsense’, Mr Benson questioned why he took no action when he heard what was going on.

“When you heard this noise and Mr Cummins allegedly say you are not letting him in, you did nothing,” he said.

“You didn’t say anything, you didn’t put your shoulder to the door, you didn’t knock on her neighbour Ryszard Krawczyk’s door.

“You beat her (Miss Harrison) up didn’t you? Because she didn’t give you any money, you left her bruised and battered with a broken jaw. You only went back to see if she had told Ryszard Krawczyk what had happened,” Mr Benson said.

Mr Telford vehemently denied the accusation and told Mr Benson he was living in fantasy land and the claim was ‘100 per cent not true’. He also offered to take a lie detector test.

But Mr Benson responded: “Mr Telford this is not the Jeremy Kyle show.”

Day four of the trial also heard from Steven Blazzard, a team leader at Maggs Day Centre who said Miss Harrison last visited the centre on March 13.

Carol Lunnen, founder of HELP at St Paul’s Church in Worcester, told the court she had known Miss Harrison for 18 years and said she last saw her on March 23.

Mrs Lunnen said Miss Harrison was in an ‘anxious state’ and wanted the group to set up a club to help women who may be facing difficulties in their personal lives.

The court heard how a group was set up but its first session was held in the week Miss Harrison’s body was found.

Cummins denies murdering Jackie Harrison.

The trial continues today (Monday)

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