Murder accused labels police investigation a disgrace

By Rob George Friday 07 December 2012 Updated: 10/12 14:16

THE MAN accused of killing Jackie Harrison in her Dines Green flat has labelled the police investigation into the murder ‘disgraceful’.

William Cummins made the claim during a heated day of evidence which also saw him accused of being a liar by prosecution barrister Richard Atkins QC.

Under questioning from defence counsel Richard Benson QC, Cummins claimed the police had put forward false evidence during the trial.

Cummins told the jury on day 12 of the trial more about the fight in April 2011 with Miss Harrison which left her with a ‘bite’ mark on her toe.

The jury had previously heard evidence from PC Pete Frankish that Miss Harrison said Cummins had bitten her.

But Cummins angrily denied the claim and said the pair had been out and had been drinking that evening.

“She started going on about her son, saying it was it his birthday. She got more and more maudlin and aggressive towards me,” Cummins told the court.

“She was well-oiled by then, she wanted me to go and get some more drink and went mental when I said I wouldn’t."

“She came over to the sofa and kicked me in the mouth and caused me to lose three teeth,” he added.

Cummins was also asked by Mr Benson about an incident which saw Miss Harrison fight with a female neighbour when he got dressed in front of her.

“Jackie was very possessive with me, she didn’t like me talking to other women, I don’t know why but she was,” he added.

The court also heard from Cummins about the night he was attacked by a Polish man known as ‘Pablo’ during a row in the flat.

He said he had gone to the next door flat to tell Miss Harrison her dinner was ready but she said she didn’t want to eat at that time so Cummins returned to number 48.

“Next thing I know I’m being punched in the face and being dragged off the bed by my foot. Pablo punched me in the face and pulled me off the bed. When I am on the floor Tanya Frankum put the boot in and kicked me in the stomach,” he added.

When asked about why Miss Harrison had not been spotted on CCTV from March 19, Cummins claimed it wasn’t unusual for them not to leave the flat for days.

Cummins said he did not say anything when he was arrested and during the police interviews because he was advised not to by his legal advisor.

Mr Atkins branded Cummins a liar during often angry exchanges and highlighted his training in the Territorial Army to be a Royal Marine, something which could give him the skills to kill with his bare hands.

He also showed the court all the times Cummins had been seen on CCTV and said: “You had the keys and the key fob when you finally left on March 28 didn’t you because you couldn’t lock the flat without using they key and you knew that didn’t you?”

Mr Atkins also mentioned the food retrieved by Cummins from the skip behind the Co-Op which had no fingerprints from Miss Harrison on it and the food which was discovered in the microwave.

He also told the court about the events of March 28 and reminded the court that was the day next door neighbour Rysard Krawczyk came home from prison.

“You left in a rush, leaving food in the microwave, leaving the purple t-shirt on the floor and the food you had foraged on the table. You fled the scene didn’t you, you got as far away as you could didn’t you,” Mr Atkins said.

“You are a violent man with an explosive temper and you are a killer aren’t you?” he asked.

Cummins said no. He denies murdering Miss Harrison.

The trial continues.

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