Murder trial
Cummins accused of changing evidence

By Rob George Wednesday 12 December 2012 Updated: 13/12 08:29

THE MAN on trial for the murder of Jackie Harrison in her Dines Green flat has been accused of changing his evidence.

Prosecutor Richard Atkins QC made the claim as William Cummins returned to the witness box for further evidence in which he said Miss Harrison spent two nights away from the flat in March.

Cummins told the court she left to stay with Brian Parkins just a couple of days after he (Cummins) was beaten up by the Polish man known as ‘Pablo’.

When she returned two days later on March 23, she was with a man called Boxer Brian according to Cummins.

Defence counsel Richard Benson QC asked Cummins why he had not mentioned it during his evidence last week and Cummins said he thought it was "common knowledge".

But Mr Atkins said Cummins was simply changing his evidence and challenged him to say why it was not mentioned earlier.

Cummins insisted he did not mention it because he was not asked about it during last week's cross-examination.

He was then a played a recording of the evidence given in court on Thursday about why Miss Harrison could not have been on the CCTV footage of Cummins between March 17 and 27.

The jury heard Cummins was asked where Miss Harrison was while he was out of the flat and he responded to one question by saying: “She was in the flat looking after me.”

In response, Cummins said: “All I know is she went after she said she was going to see Sue at the Maggs Day Centre. She didn’t come back and when she did she had Brian (Parkins) in tow with her.”

The court was then played further footage when Cummins was asked about where Miss Harrison was on the night of March 22 – Cummins was heard to say on the tape Miss Harrison was: “In the flat probably watching telly or something.”

Mr Parkins then took to the stand despite having admitted to the court he had drunk eight cans of cider.

He told the court Miss Harrison had spent three days at his flat but could not remember whether it was in March.

Under cross-examination, he was read extracts from Miss Harrison’s diary which indicated she had been at Mr Parkins flat in February.

Parkins admitted it could have been in February and said he had never been to Miss Harrison’s flat and did not know Cummins.

The court also heard attendance records from the Maggs Day Centre which Mr Parkins said he saw Miss Harrison after she left his flat.

Members of the jury were told she had not attended on the dates specified in March but had done so a month earlier in February.

Closing his case, Mr Atkins told the court he stood by the evidence given during the past three weeks.

“After William Cummins left Jackie Harrison’s flat on March 28, she did not tidy up, she did not put anything away, she did not do anything,” he added.

“Quite simply ladies and gentleman, after William Cummins left 48 Gresham Road, Jackie Harrison did nothing in her flat - she ceased to exist."

“Why? Because she was dead or dying."

“William Cummins is a nasty piece of work. You have seen the anger and the aggression."

“Why the sudden desire to flee down south? Because he knew what was waiting at 48 Gresham Road, left for dead, beaten savagely and covered with a duvet. Jackie Harrison.”

Cummins denies murdering Miss Harrison.

The trial continues.

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