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Friday 11 January 2013 Updated: 11/01 16:59

IT'S about time we got rid of the discredited, secretive, and meaningless Honours system.

It seems there are four main categories for getting one. Firstly, being a timeserver, just sitting in a particular job long enough to qualify automatically, such as senior civil servants and royal flunkies (how long will it be before our new Lord Lieutenant gets one?)

Secondly, big donors to political parties. Thirdly, as a reward for failure, such as the previous boss of the Financial Services Authority who was in charge of overseeing the banks during the banking crisis and corruption, and previous early-departing Chief Constables of the Metropolitan Police (the newest one has already just got one). Fourthly, for sports people who have already been given a medal for winning something and which has now been taken to the absurdity of handing them out to Olympic teenagers - so much for a lifetime of achievement!

Honours should not be given out automatically to anybody (including politicians), and certainly not to people whose achievements have already been recognised in some other way such as by a fat-cat salary or a medal. (Each Olympic medal cost taxpayers about £250million.) For example, lifeboat men and women put their own lives at risk every day to save others, do their vital job for absolutely no payment, and on top of their existing day jobs; or nurses and doctors, and military personnel in war zones, who work beyond the call of duty. How often do any of these people ever get honoured?

So, let's stop this mockery of handing out titles and letters like cheap confetti and the patronising way they always include one cleaner or suchlike from somewhere to pretend that the system is broadly-based.

Alan Amos

County Councillor for Gorse Hill & Warndon

and City Councillor for Warndon

I WRITE regarding the costs associated with the Lord Lieutenancy function over the last five years, which equate to £77,100.

Last year alone it cost the Worcestershire County Council taxpayer £17,400.

There is no obligation whatsoever for the county council to be picking this bill up.

It is not the county’s responsibility and whoever is the Lord Lieutenant should foot the bill or come to an arrangement with the Palace.

With major services being cutback, £17,400 a year would help maintain our youth service and stop throwing our young people on to the streets. Also, unlike all other services, there is no cap on the expenditure and whatever the cost, the county has to find the monies.

This is the 21st Century and such deference should be put in the bin of history and such monies at the time of austerity should be ploughed into much-needed services.

The Worcestershire County Council taxpayer should not be subsidising the rich or privileged, but supporting the youth of the county, the authority has its priorities all wrong.

Coun Peter McDonald,

Via e-mail.

JOHN Pilgrim (Letters, December 7) makes an apparently sound point about keeping letters about Israel and the Middle East out of local newspapers, and until I started studying foreign affairs in the 1960s I would have agreed with him.

But what any informed person would find hard to disprove today is that the USA has been running Britain since the early part of the last century and that Israel has been the de-facto global superpower (with America) since the Second World War bankrupted Britain and the rest of of Europe.

The global media and our farcical apology for democracy are all Zionists and neo-liberals and supporters of globalist institutions like the IMF and George Soros 'Open Society' movement. But we are told nothing about it.

Mr Pilgrim might try to find out who runs Westminster and the BBC and the City of London and 'our' NATO military without finding anyone working among these institutions who gives a hoot about ordinary British people or Worcester or the so called 'national interest'.

As for local politicians in Worcester, few will forget the Walker family's connection with the Slater-Walker empire and the demise of Worcester's industrial sector with neo-liberalism which was adopted by both main so called political parties.

Jim Evans

Bath Road

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