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Friday 08 February 2013 Updated: 08/02 09:59

Re: Smokers offered incentives to kick habit (The Standard Feb 1) - there is definitely something skewed about a society that offers smokers free food and free days out for kicking the habit at the series of drop-in sessions mentioned in your article.

And, as for pregnant women who 'stub cigarettes out for good' getting a free baby bumper pack containing £25 of goodies well I'm gobsmacked.

Any pregnant woman who publicly admits they are damaging the health of their unborn child should hang their head in shame let alone turn up for some treats.

I'm all for incentivising people to quit smoking but what reward for those of us who go about our daily lives thinking of our health and the health of others plus not being a burden on the NHS? None!

Also, how will they be sure their smokers are quitting. They'll probably just brush their teeth ahead of the sessions to claim their prize then skulk off with the last laugh - all at the taxpayers' expense!

Jim Stevens

via email

THERE can never be a perfect parking plan when several thousand cars suddenly descend on Worcester for a Warriors home game ('Residents' fury over danger parking', The Standard Feb 1).

Visit Twickenham, Cardiff and virtually every Premiership Rugby side in England when there is a home game on and you will see all the side streets totally clogged up with parked cars.

So what ? It is for a few hours on an infrequent basis and does no real harm to anyone except the whingers and nimbies who hate to see anyone having fun.

Mr and Mrs Janes

via email

I WAS really interested in your article regarding parking in dangerous areas by fans ('Residents' fury over danger parking', The Standard Feb 1).

I live in Warndon Villages and very often walk around the area and am astounded where the fans put their cars with no regard to anyone else. Yesterday (Feb 2) when Worcester were at home the parking was worse than I have ever seen it. In some places in Wainwright Road more than a dozen cars parked on the verge and pavement and I had to walk in the road with my granddaughter. The cars had also double-parked thus making it difficult for emergency vehicles to get through had they wanted to. I often wonder if they were parking by their own home if they would want all the grass verge cut up! All it needs is a traffic warden to put a ticket on these cars. I was also led to believe that it was an offence to park on a motorway bridge but on match days it doesn't seem to matter.

I look forward to some resolve in this matter.

name and address supplied

THE media are giving high coverage to the announcement about Phase 2 of HS2, but the most important details are again, carefully omitted!

Firstly, who is paying for it? It's not us, we are broke and closing A&Es, Fire Brigade, Ambulance and Police Services - and the Armed Forces to a dangerous level! Is it the EU? I don't think so - if so, I have heard nothing so far.

If we have to somehow pay for this latest luxury idea, why is it being put through with such indecent haste - and not later, when we can afford it?

I think we all know that the whole idea came from Brussels anyway and when they shout "jump", the government says "how high?"

If the EU pay for it - fine! I love trains, but remember this - all those abroad run at a loss and need huge subsidies and guess who will be paying those?

We should leave the EU - tomorrow!

Stanley Parr

Maple Avenue


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