History lives on through re-enactors

By Tim Clarke Tuesday 19 February 2013 Updated: 20/02 09:26

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TWO THOUSAND years of history came alive on Saturday as re-enactors brought a splash of colour and excitement to the city centre.

More than 1,500 visitors to the Guildhall were greeted by the sight of Ancient Greeks, Persians and Vikings rubbing shoulders with soldiers from the American Civil War, Napoleonic era and Second World War.

It was all part of Worcester Re-enactors ninth annual Living History event which featured everything from history displays, Magic Lantern shows and soldier drills to the re-enactment of a RAF Emergency Ops room and thieves and murderers standing trial in a 17th Century court room.

More drama unfolded at the Tudor House on Friar Street too where more than 300 visitors took a trip back in time to the Second World War with a host of activities including Russian soldiers setting up camp after a mission behind enemy lines.

Worcester Re-enactors' Brian Bullock, who helped organise the event, said the day had been another great success.

"From the minute we opened to when we closed we had people flowing through the doors," he said.

"The RAF Ops room had full crowds for their demonstrations as did the 17th Century court room and all of the re-enactors were kept busy talking to people who had plenty of questions."

Mr Bullock said they hoped to expand the event next year to mark the tenth anniversary with the possibility of getting more people and venues involved in a history festival.

For more information on Worcester Re-enactors' summer event M5 visit www.m5show.co.uk

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